Easter: The Value of Human Life

Today is Easter. If you do not know what that means, it is the day that Jesus, God’s Son, conquered death saving all who believe from their sins. 

I just wanted to let anyone who reads this  know that you are here for a reason. You have a purpose to your life. God created you for a reason and it is not our right to know what that is, because He is God.

We should take each opportunity to learn from others, to make their lives just a little bit easier, because they are here for a reason too.

No matter how hard your life may seem. No matter if you cannot think you will reach your next birthday. Hesitate. Wait one moment from pulling the trigger, from pushing the blade just a little bit deeper, from taking that next dose of pills. Wait. And remember that someone cares.

I care. 

God did not have an off day when he made you. He did not make you have chronic depression, being bullied, being gay, because he did not love you. No, he took extra time for you. Because once you are out at the end of the tunnel back in the sunshine, you will thank him for your strength. I know.

There’s a thing with great writers. Their favorite characters they write are the ones that suffer the most, because it will have a better result.

Every life is valuable.



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