First day of College

The bathrooms down the hall were getting gross and if you have never shared a bathroom with 12 or so other girls, you are lucky–very, very lucky. I tried to take a shower as quickly as possible and rushed back to my dorm room to get dressed. I was going for causal, yet nice in my outfit. 

I stepped out of the dorm to go to the cafeteria. The sun was bright and warm, like my future. It wasn’t even the first hour and I had a good feeling about all of this–about life. I waited for Molly on the sidewalk between her dorm and mine. We couldn’t dare meet each other inside the cafeteria. We were shaking with nerves. 

Was college going to be harder than high school? Were we prepared for college? Should I have taken the Advance Placement classes? Were people going to stare at me as I get my food?

We made it through breakfast, but before we went our separate ways. I made Molly take a picture of me in front of Old Main, just as my mom had ever since I went to preschool. I liked that it made full circle. I sent to my mom in a picture message and she was ecstatic.

Before I knew it, I was in my first class. Not just any class, but Spanish, where your high school education is really tested. I was anxious. I got into the classroom 15 minutes before anyone else, but it calmed me that I was there–ready. 

Once that first class started, they all flew by.

I shouldn’t have been so nervous, but it was the beginning of the rest of my life. My mom wasn’t there to cook me a chocolate chip pancake. My dad didn’t come home from work ready to hear all about my day.

I have always been told I was independent, and after that first day of college, I believe them.


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