Summary Sunday: A Bit of Baking and Crying

Monday June 2, 2014 – Sunday June 8, 2014

It was a good week. One of the first weeks it has actually felt like summer vacation. The week started off a bit slow, but by Wednesday things swung into motion.

Wednesday Dinner: One of my goals this summer is to be able to learn to cook for myself before I live on my own–hopefully next summer. So on Wednesday night, I made turkey ranch club wraps for my family and I. A recipe/idea I found via Pinterest here. They were a hit from my parents, even my dad who is not known for enjoying wraps. I figured out this trick that if I ran the raw bacon under water on both sides and then cook it, the bacon does not shrink like it has for me in the past. I was very pleased with this new found peice of knowledge and I hope you find this useful too.

Thursday The Fault in Our Stars: (NOTE: This contains spoilers) At 9 o’clock at night my best friend, Helen, and I walked into the theatre for the early showing of “The Fault in Our Stars”. Imagine our shock and a tad dismay, when we found out that 9 was not in fact the latest showing as was displayed on Fandango at the beginning of the week, but one of the firsts. Walking into the crowded auditorium, we knew we were in for a night of middle schoolers. So there we were standing at the front of the largest auditoriums with 14 year olds taking up row after row with their friends. I was happy that “The Fault in Our Stars” had grabbed such a committed following. Helen and I ran up the steps to two isolated chairs ahead of the handicap seats. Finally after much yelling and random clapping the lights dimmed and the movie commenced. In the car I made a promise to Helen that anytime when she or I start to fall in love with Agustus Waters I would whsiper “He dies” to her. This worked rather well but still we fell in love with him. “The Fault in Our Stars” was a beautiful movie and I encourage everyone to support the Young Adult genre by going to see this amazing masterpiece.

Friday: I had a little too much free time on Friday. So after working-out, I baked 18 confetti cupcakes (from a box). They turned out wonderfully. I then frosted them in purple frosting–my favorite color–and topped them off with colorful sprinkles. They made the perfect snack after I finished mowing the lawn.  It was quite a productive Friday.

Sunday: So here we are today. After church this morning, I decided to try my hand at making spinach and artichoke dip. I had to adapt the recipe because of a lack of ingredients. I was short on artichokes and spinach so I added extra feta cheese. I thought it turned out quite pleasing though it was not the best spinach dip I’ve eaten, but its the best and only batch I’ve made.

This coming week I hope to obtain a job or two. I have an interview Monday. Wish me luck!



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