Summary Sunday: A Week of Success

After much anticipation and twiddling my thumbs, I have a job!

Monday 6/9/2014: I spent the better part of Monday being interviewed at Target for a position as a cashier and guest services. Dressed in grey slacks and one of my many formal shirts, I felt confidant and more at peace than I have this summer. I love wearing formal wear. There is something about the weight of slacks and the complementing lines of a blouse that makes my back stand straighter, my mind become clearer. After two years competing in forensics at the college level, my formal wear is a welcome sight.

I was ready for anything, which was good, because instead of one interview I actually had two and a talk with the Human Resources representative. I flew through the interview with flying colors. Interviews do not bother me. They never have, even in middle school talking to authority was easy for me. So I got the job. I’ll finally have something better to tell you about than what I cooked this week.

Tuesday 6/10/2014: Tuesday night I cooked Lemon Chicken Orzo. While I was in England, I tried this dish at Strada in London. It was delicious and unlike any pasta dish I have had before. It wasn’t soupy or overly sauced, like spaghetti can be, but light and lumped together. So I tried my hand at making it myself.

I quite enjoyed it. The lemon flavoring was quite prominent. Next time I won’t put the whole 1/3-cup in it. I also think I will add sliced mushrooms along with the fresh green beans. I was hesitant to even include the green beans because I don’t like them, but I bought a handful of fresh ones and chopped them into bite-sized pieces. Despite my original suspects, I enjoyed the crisp, clean taste the green beans added to the pasta dish. The orzo didn’t clump as well as the picture portrayed and I don’t know if I made a mistake or if the recipe needs some more adaption. I think I will make this again.

Thursday 6/12/2014: This week I made two meals for my parents and I. I made Chicken Lo Mein . My family is not known for eating Asian cuisine, but I wanted to explore food this summer as I learn to cook on my own. Plus, during the school year I have obtained a taste for Chinese. There is nothing I would change this recipe for the next time. Maybe, more chicken? Either way it was delightful.

Friday 6/13/2014: Friday morning, I sat in my car in Target’s parking lot waiting for my work day to begin. For the first time in my life, I worked more than a 4-hour shift. I worked almost 7. I even had to pack a lunch! I didn’t care that it was only for the summer or that this job was nothing compared to what my dad does in a day. I was just proud that I had to search for my uniform, pack a lunch, and drive through morning traffic. My first day was pretty great. The people I will be spending my summer with were so nice and didn’t get annoyed with my questions. It was a great day. I left work feeling like I could conquer the world, the sun smiling down on me.

Saturday 6/14/2014: My alarm jarred me from my sleep early Saturday morning. I helped Mom make a hardy breakfast of pancakes. Mom, Dad, and I drove Downtown to the capitol building for the annual 5k Heart Walk/Run. We joined the festivities and lined up to the starting line to begin our walk. It was a beautiful morning. There was a slight breeze and the sun was out. I had built up the challenge to be greater than it was, or I thought I was more out of shape than I am. It only took us a little over an hour to walk the 3.2 miles. My legs were stiff from the vigorous walk, but not fatigued. I can now cross a 5k walk off of my bucket list.

After the walk Dad’s Father’s Day weekend officially started.


Ah, what a successful week! A job, good food, and a 5k walk. I can’t wait to see what next weekend brings.



At this point and time, I would like to point out that I do not speak on behalf of Target. Nothing I say here reflects Target and/or its views.



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