Being a Cashier

Hello, everyone! Man, it has been awhile but have no fear. I am here, alive, and not nearly as poor as I was. (Thanks to working all of the time.) So, I present to you a longer than normal post about my summer job.

An overview of being a cashier:

  • Being a cashier isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. So here are a few things I have found out about making a cashier’s job easier:
    • I use the baskets at Target all of the time, but after working long hours as a cashier, unloading a basket is very tiring. I have to say I am of average height but baskets are too tall for me to reach into. Unloading your basket can make a cashier’s day. I like to tell guests who unload their basket for me that I greatly appreciate it.
    • Exact change is awesome. Random pennies are not. It may seem easy to type numbers and press a few buttons, but I make more mistakes when someone hands me 20 cents when they owe 35 cents. It costs us both time and embarrassment.
    • Along those lines, the conveyer belt does not discriminate. It eats everything. Yes, even a guest’s credit card. When things are lost in there, they may not come back. Please use the little counter provided.
    • Oh man, coupons are good when used correctly, but can be tricky. The fine print and the computer are very specific. The picture does not always match the description. You might need two of the products or an additive before the coupon works. Coupons can be a cashier’s torture chamber, because we can’t always help you no matter how much we want to do so.
    • Purchasing big items is fun and exciting and I promise we can do this easily if you keep it in the cart and let me use the extendable scanner.
    • And my final soapbox point, piling things does not help you or me. It just makes them topple. Think “no” to piling.
  • School supplies suck.
  • Guest service is all about guess work. It is not cut and dry and every situation is different. The line is always long and I am usually working alone. I am sorry that your wait was so long but please do not take it out on me.
  • I have never had a better summer job. Seriously. I have worked a lot of hours, which is what I wanted. Management is above anything I ever had. They are involved the going-on s of the store and available whenever I need their help. It’s such a relief to have a manager who manages.
  • My “People” skills have improved beyond measure. Faking nice isn’t that hard, but being actually nice makes my day fun. It doesn’t take much to note the dog food on the conveyer belt and ask the guest what dog they have. It’s fun to get to know other walks of life. It gives insight into humanity and helps me grow as a member of this world and a writer.
  • It’s nice to have money in the bank. It’s as simple as that. I stuck to a budget of “fun money” all summer. I’ve never had to do that before. I’m used to spending my parents’ money for my leisure activities. I’m proud that I was able to stick to a budget, even if it was for recreational things like movie tickets.

This summer has been great. It has pushed my personal limits and taught me new things about people. Being a cashier may not make my work resume very much in the future but I am glad I was able to get the experience and personal growth.

I will write to you Sunday,



Note: Awesome Food I’ve made recently: Chimichangas–I used beef instead; Monster Cookies–Mini M&Ms work awesome


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