Check your Packing List – Emotional Baggage

I check my packing list and boxes multiple times, making sure I have all of the essentials for my third year of college. I have my shower shoes, my caddy, my mattress cover, my free-read books, my school notebooks, my textbooks, and all of these things are important. But emotional baggage is just as important as physical baggage, if not more.

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What I believe is emotionally important to bring with you to college:

At college, I encounter a lot of different people, so it’s important to keep an open-mind. Everyone comes in with a past, and different lessons they have learned. These lessons and experiences are usually vastly different from my own.

No question is stupid. I’m living in a dorm traditionally filled with freshmen. My neighbors will probably have lots of questions about campus, traditions, and life. These questions may seem tedious to me at times but to them it is all-new. These questions do not determine their intelligence or who they are as a person. I will have questions too. Everyone deserves respect.

The way you treat others is very important, but one need to remember to take care of yourself. Maintaining a positive outlook for the semester, social life, and self is important for my mental health. It’s the little things that count and ones mentality is one of them. Thinking positive and staying positive is something I struggle with, but it is a mentality that can be very beneficial.

Staying focused on the self, overscheduling is easy in college. Everything sounds fun, and inspiring, so it’s easy to over commit. Overcommitting can make anyone’s grades and health suffer. It is okay to say no. It is easier to say no once I establish that I can’t give it the attention it needs.

These are the four traits I am packing in my emotional baggage. Whether it is your first year or your third, your emotional outlook impacts your experience far greater than your physical possessions.

Did I miss anything? If you have any additional thoughts, please comment. I would love to hear what you pack emotionally when you go to college or work.


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