4 Key Ways to Stay Stress Free

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We all hit those times, where we want to pull our hair out, because everything needs to be done and it needs to be done now. Well, these past few weeks I have been taking test, finishing projects, creating study guides–all for my college finals. But somehow, I am able to keep my stress levels low.

Here are some ways I use to stay as stress free as possible:

  1. I set my own deadlines and stick to them. If I have an essay due in two weeks. I make sure I have my research done by a certain day. It’s beneficial because I know my schedule better than anyone else therefor I know how to space my time better than others.
  2. On a similar note, I break down big projects. By taking it step-by-step, it feels more manageable and at the end I am able to look at the bigger picture.
  3. I set aside my own time, where I make sure not to schedule anything. It’s an hour that I get to myself, where I can watch Netflix, cook or just simply be with my friends without the worry of work. It’s a no-work time.
  4. I embrace my inner 4-year-old. I play with play-dough, break out my markers and color. I do simple crafts. It’s a lot of fun. 4-year-olds don’t worry.

With those 4 ways, I am able to stay (mostly) calm and collected for my finals. Do you have any strategies that you stick to when you are stressed?