Why isn’t America Doing More to Battle Ebola?

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Ebola has become an international hot button topic. With no true treatment or vaccine, it feels as if Ebola will only continue to expand. But I believe, we can come together to help ourselves, West Africa, and the world.

America ignored Ebola’s crisis in West Africa until we could no longer. Ebola came to the home-front. We had taken in aid workers, but the inevitable happened. Cases of Ebola are popping up in the United States.

West Africa has been raked over the coals with this epidemic. Through NPR, updates from CDC, and CNN, I have been watching the virus spread throughout the Summer. According to CNN, Ebola has killed almost 4,000 people so far. The numbers are only escalating, and still America has not reached out to help West Africa and the WHO. If Africa had access to simple hygienic measures, such as sterilizers, and warm water, many of these deaths could have been prevented.

Original cases of Ebola have been reported in America. At the first sign that America could be in danger, we freak out. We go out and buy face masks, debate if we should work from home, and refuse to shake hands. News sources blare with Ebola symptoms and lack of vaccines. And America is finally involved.

It’s about time. If we consider ourselves to be such great international leader, we need to act like it and step up. Yes, Africa has many problems and many of them we can’t solve, but we can pool our resources and solve this one.

I was frustrated as I watched the news, learning about the spread of Ebola. But with it now past our front door and sitting in the living room, America is forced to recognize it and act.

Though we do overreact with precautions and Ebola may not be as contagious as Measles, it is important to take action. (NPR’s graphic that I love) Not for our national benefit but for the world.

I’m not a scientist or a doctor. I don’t have the experience to solve this disease. But I believe out there in the world, we can beat this. I’m just begging for America to give more.

Cases of Ebola have now reached Spain. What is it going to take to help our fellow humans?

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