What’s a Millennial to do without Internet?

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It has been awhile since I have posted and I have a really, really good reason. I have been on Christmas Break and my parents’ house does not have Internet. I know. It’s ridiculous, but it’s just the way it is.

What did this Millennial do without Internet? Let me tell you.

  • For a while, I was super bummed, and in my darkest hours I stared at my computer in defeat, but I wasn’t sad for long. How can someone be sad with three dogs wanting you to pet them all at once? The answer, you can’t. After four months away, it was wonderful to play and take care of my lovely pups.
  • But it wasn’t all puppy love, I also worked at Target. It was great to be back with my coworkers and not having to do homework everyday.
  • I also have started to learn how to knit. I’ve been making mug cozies. It’s been a struggle to learn the patience and various techniques.
  • When my family was home, I forced them to play card games. The Donahue family does not shy from competition.

So my break wasn’t filled with Netflix and Internet surfing, but it was relaxing and fun. In all actuality, it was nice to get away from the Internet. I think everyone could benefit from some time away from technology, even if it is just for an evening.

Next week, I’ll have a better post for you. I promise.


Summary Sunday: It’s more than just fireworks

Sunshine, laughter and hamburgers, my Fourth of July was pretty great. It was a small get-together this year at the Donahue house. It was just myself, Mom and Dad. Mom and I worked together to make a big lunch, since I worked that night. I was able to make queso con carne (beef cheese dip) as my contribution. I didn’t have chillies that the recipe called for so it was more like cheeseburger dip. It was enjoyed so much that there were no leftovers.

I spent what little time I had with my parents that afternoon playing card games until I had to work.

My supervisors that night let us leave five minutes early, but I ended up sticking around watching fireworks from the store’s front doors. When I finally left, I (manually) rolled down my car windows, blared Bastille, and drove down University watching 3 firework displays at once. It was an amazing sight. I haven’t seen fireworks in three years. It was breathtaking to see so many at once. 

As I neared my house, I began to think about Independence Day and how it is more than just a day to spend with our families. It’s a day to relish our families and all that we have. Friday was about more than the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was the celebration of who we have become. America is still young and we have a lot to learn, but we have survived. This freedom we have has cost a lot and we still don’t have equal rights for all, but we are working to get there.

On this day, we can stand together–no matter our differences–and be thankful for this wonderful, messed up country.